War Widow(er)'s and Orphan's Pension

War Widow/er's Pension

To be eligible for a War Widow/er's Pension the claimant must have been the partner of, or legally married to an eligible veteran immediately before the veteran dies.    The death must have:

  • been determined to be war or defence caused; or
  • resulted from an injury or disease which is accepted as war or defence caused.

or, the veteran must have been:

  • in receipt of a disability pension at the Special (T & PI); or
  • in receipt of an Extreme Disablement Adjustment; or
  • in receipt of an increased rate of pension due to being a double amputee; or
  • a former Australian prisoner of war (POW)

Where a veteran has dies as a result of a disability already accepted as being cause by war or eligible defence service, the death will be determined to be war or defence service caused.  In these circumstances, a claim for pension still needs to be lodged with the Department of Veterans' Affairs.

Those who can apply for this pension are those who have been legally married to, or in a marriage-like relationship with an Australian veteran immediately before the death of that veteran, and who has not since remarried.

War Widow/er's pensions are paid fortnightly and indexed twice yearly.  War Widow/er's may also be eligible for the Income Support Supplement.

Orphan's Pension

The natural or adopted child of a veteran, or a child who was wholly or substantially dependent upon the veteran may apply for the orphan's pension.  The child must be under 16 years, or under 25 years and still undertaking full-time studies.

Orphan's pensions are paid fortnightly and indexed each January.

We strongly recommend that if you are going to make a War Widow/er's or Orphan's claim, you consult an ex-service organisation, (that you have confidence in), who have pension officers that have competed the Training Information Program, (TIP).

For further information on applying for the War Widow/er's or Orphan's Pensions, contact your nearest DVA office or visit their web site at www.dva.gov.au and look up fact sheet DP60

The Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia can assist any veteran of any conflict,  their widow/ers and children by providing advice and assistance in regard to all pensions matters.  Simply contact your nearest sub-branch.

Legacy is also heavily involved in assisting in these claims, and they may be contacted on www.legacy.com.au.  Legacy also provides other forms of assistance to war widows and orphans.

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