Training and Information Program (TIP)

A partnership of ex-service organisations and the Department of Veterans' Affairs providing training for Pensions/Welfare Officers and Advocates who assist the veteran community.

What is TIP all about?

The Training and Information Program came about as a result of budget initiatives in 1993 and 1994 to provide funding for the proper training of advocates and pension/welfare officers so they in turn could assist their fellow veterans and their dependants to obtain benefits through the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA).

What is the TIP mission?

To do the right thing, the right way, the first time - TOGETHER.

Who runs TIP?

It is a partnership between Ex-Service Organisations (ESO) and Veterans' Affairs.  Each State has a TIP Consultative Group which consists of representatives of ESOs and DVA.

What does the TIP Consultative Group (TIPCG) do?

the TIPCG plans and delivers, or arranges the conduct of training in each State.  The Group decides where training will be held, monitors and evaluates that training for its effectiveness, manages the TIP budget for that State, and offers suggestions on other matters relating to policy or procedures in respect of appeals, claims etc.  It ensures that there is equity in training for all Pension/Welfare Officers and Advocates of ESOs.

What has TIP done so far?

Training - to March 1997, about 1300 participants have attended some 60 courses presented under TIP.

Repatriation Handbook - this handbook for Pension/Welfare Officers has been compiled through TIP.  It is provided to each person attending a course who is the nominated representative for an ESO.

National Training Modules - a comprehensive set of training modules has been developed and produced through TIP for national use.  This ensures the availability of a consistently high standard of course content and material to trainers and achieves a high standard of training throughout Australia.  Several videos have also been produced for use in training.

Indemnity Insurance - through a TIP related initiative, the Veterans' Indemnity and Training Association has arranged professional Indemnity Insurance cover for ESO practitioners.

The Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia is a member of VITA, and fully supports its objectives.  TIP accredited Pensions/Welfare Officers and Advocates who are authorised by VVAA State and Sub-Branches to represent the VVAA are insured by VITA and bound by the ethical and behavioural standards imposed by the Training and Information Program.

Where are TIP Training activities held?

A calendar of TIP training activities is prepared each year by the TIPCG and is promoted through ESOs and DVA.  Training courses are held in regional centres, as well as capital cities.  Requests for training courses to be run in rural or regional centres can be submitted to the TIPCG for consideration in preparing the training calendar.

What type of training does TIP conduct?

Pension Officer's course - A two day workshop covering subjects that interest both the Pension and Welfare Officer.  These include income support pensions, disability and war widow pensions, appeals, treatment, Defence Service Homes, the Veterans' Affairs Network (VAN),, and Health and Community Services.
Course attendance criteria: Open to ESO and community representatives who are involved, or are about to be involved in assisting veterans, widows and their dependants, and need to access broadly based and accurate information.
Welfare Officer's course - A two day workshop with special emphasis on welfare, health and community support topics.
Course attendance criteria: Open to those who are presently, or about to be, involved in welfare support roles for members of the veteran community
Case Officer's course - A two day workshop covering in more detail, compensation, disability pension matters including preparation of claims, application of the Statement of Principle (SOPs), Guide to Assessment of Rates of Pension (GARP), the Appeals process, and in particular, internal reviews under Section 31.
Course attendance criteria: Open to those who have attended the basic Pension Officer's training, with experience as practitioners and who wish to become involved in the review process.
Advocacy Skills course - A three day workshop covering Advocacy skills for those preparing and presenting appeals at the Veterans' Review Board and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.
Course attendance criteria: Open to those who have attended a Case Officer's course, gained experience as a practitioner and who wish to present cases at the VRB/AAT level.
Administrative Appeals Tribunal Moot - A one to two day activity which takes in a mock hearing at the AAT with participants having an active role in the proceedings.
Course attendance criteria: Open to advocates and case officers who have indicated an interest in becoming advocates.
AAT Level Advocacy course - This is training for advocates at the AAT level.  It is a six day residential workshop conducted under the auspices of the University of Canberra.  Attendance is by invitation.

How can I attend TIP training?

When a Pension/Welfare Officer course is to be held in a particular regional centre, advice is sent to all ESOs and selected community organisations within the catchment area of that centre.

Further information about TIP training

Contact the TIP Administrative Support Officer at DVA in your State.


The information contained in this page is based exclusively on the Training and Information Program brochure prepared by the NSW State Office of the DVA.


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