Veterans' Indemnity and Training Association Inc

Membership of VITA is open to all bona fide Ex-Service Organisations providing assistance to veterans and their dependants in relation to claims, welfare and appeals.  This assistance must be provided free of charge or with only a minor administrative fee.

The objectives of VITA are to provide member organisations with adequate professional indemnity insurance cover and to promote the professional standards and training of practitioners.  This latter objective is pursued through the ATDP which is a nationally recognised training organisation.

This is not accident or director's insurance, but solely professional indemnity insurance for pensions and advocacy practitioners working under the auspices of organisations which belong to VITA.

The cost of membership is very modest for each member organisation, regardless of the number of State Branches or Sub Branches, or the number of practicing authorised advocates.

The Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia is a member of VITA, and fully supports its objectives.  ATDP trained Pensions/Welfare Officers and Advocates who are formally authorised by the VVAA are insured by VITA and bound by the ethical and behavioural standards imposed on them.

For further information: 

Secretary VITA
CMDR Ward Gainey RAN (Ret'd)
Telephone 0407 126 270
Email  click here

VVAA Authorising Officer
Mike Benyk (Vice president)
Telephone 0414 880 671
Email  click here

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