Extreme Disablement Adjustment (EDA)

The Extreme Disablement Adjustment is a disability pension paid to veterans to compensate them for injuries or diseases causes or aggravated by war service or certain defence service on behalf of Australia.

The EDA rate can only be considered for veterans who have reached 65 years of age and who are not eligible to receive a Special (T & PI) or Intermediate Rate of Pension.

As the name suggests, the degree of incapacity from war or defence-caused conditions must be extreme.  The assessment only takes into account the medical impairment and lifestyle effects of a disability.  It does not have regard to whether or not a veteran is employed, no any regard to income or assets.

We strongly recommend that if you are going to make a disability claim or an increase in disability claim you consult an ex-service organisation, (that you have confidence in), who have pension officers that have competed the Training Information Program, (TIP).

For further information on applying for the Extreme Disablement Adjustment, contact your nearest DVA office or visit their web site at www.dva.gov.au and look up fact sheet DP30

The Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia can assist any veteran of any conflict by providing advice and assistance in regard to all pensions matters.  Simply contact your nearest sub-branch.

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