Temporary Special Rate Pension (T & TI)

Temporary Special Rate Pension is payable at the same rate and under the same conditions as Special Rate Pension but is applicable where the incapacity is not permanent.  For example, a person might receive the T & TI pension because he or she is unable to work while recovering from surgery from a recognised disability, and that disability alone.

The same process that is in place for the Special Rate applies and veterans making a claim for the temporary rate must meet the same criteria as those being assessed for the Special Rate - with the exception of the permanency test.

The Temporary Special Rate will apply for a fixed period of time, and at the end of the specified time the veteran will revert back to the percentage that they had been receiving under the General Rate.

Before the expiry of the Temporary Rate, a veteran can apply for an increase in pension so that they may be considered for the Special Rate.

We strongly recommend that if you are going to make a disability claim or an increase in disability claim you consult an ex-service organisation, (that you have confidence in), who have pension officers that are qualified and authorised under the Advocacy Training and Development Program (ATDP).

You can find a qualified and authorised advocate via the ATDP website

For further information on applying for the Temporary Special Rate Pension, contact your nearest DVA office or visit their web site dva-factsheets choose 'Factsheets by Keyword', and click on 'T'.

The Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia can assist any veteran of any conflict by providing advice and assistance in regard to all pensions matters.  Simply contact your nearest sub-branch.


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