Family and Community Services

Family and Community Services include developing and implementing income security policies and programs, services for families with children and people with disabilities, community support services, family relationship services and public housing.

Community support services are funded by a number of government departments at different levels.

DVA can support you with access to a number of community services such as Community Nursing, Respite Care, Meals Services and Home Help, just to name a few.  There is a range of services provided through Home and Community Care (HACC).  The aim of these services is to assist people to live in their own homes as long as possible.

To find out more about the services provided by Family and Community Services, visit your nearest nearest DVA or Veterans Affairs Network (VAN) office or visit their web site at and look up fact sheet HSV 01. 

VAN is a network of offices that assist veterans, or widow/ers and their families in a number of ways:

  • VAN Advisers can provide information to the veteran community about pensions, benefits and entitlements available through DVA.
  • VAN Community Advisers can give up-to-date information to the veteran community on health and community services in the local area.

Support in the Community

DVA entitlements in this area include access to health services which includes allied health services such as physiotherapy, community nursing and respite care for entitled veterans.

 DVA Respite Care entitlement would be of particular interest to carers.  Respite care provides relief for a carer who has the responsibility for the ongoing care, attention and support of another person who is in ill-health or incapacitated.  Through Carer Respite Centres (CRC) relief can be provided for all carers.  CRCs can also organise emergency respite 24 hours a day - Free call 1800 059 059, nationally.

A range of community and family support services, such as mental health, drug and alcohol counselling and crisis managment teams is available from you local community health centre.

To find out more about what is available through your local community health centre, contact an ex-service organisation, (that you have confidence in), who have pension officers that have competed the Training Information Program, (TIP).

For further information on a range of community and family service issues contact your nearest DVA office or visit their web site at and look up:

  •  HSV 01   Overview of Health Services Available to the Veteran Community;
  • HSV 06    Respite Care; and
  • HSV 16    Community Nursing 

The Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia can assist any veteran of any conflict, their widow/er's and children by providing advice and assistance in regard to all pensions matters.  Simply contact your nearest sub-branch.

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