The Repatriation Commission is responsible under the Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986 for granting pensions, allowances and other benefits, and providing treatment and other services through its hospitals and institutions or through community facilities to veterans, their dependants and other eligible persons. The Commission also provides advice to the Minister on matters relating to the Act’s operation and, subject to the ministers control, generally administers the Act.

The Commission has three full-time members appointed by the Governor-General, being the:

President - normally this appointment is also the Secretary of the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Deputy President - by appointment

The third member of the Commission, general known as the Services Member chosen from names submitted to the Minister by organisations representing veterans, is by definition a highly regarded member of the veteran community.

Information about the Repatriation Commission can be obtained by contacting the Secretary to the Repatriation Commission, PO Box 21 WODEN, ACT 2606, phone (02) 6289 6222

As well as the Repatriation Commission and the Department of Veteran Affairs the Veterans Portfolio covers:

  • The Office of Australian War Graves (OAWG)
  • The Veteran’s Children Education Boards (VCEB)
  • The Veterans Review Board (VRB)
  • The Australian War Memorial (AWM)
  • The Repatriation Medical Authority (RMA)
  • The Specialist Medical Review Council (SMRC)

The Veteran’s Affairs Portfolio is diverse as well as being complex. Trying to get information and understand what you or your dependants are entitled to can be daunting and frustrating.

Contact the DVA directly or through their Veteran Area Network (VAN) office nearest to you, below is the contact addresses and phone numbers in New South Wales. Or contact the ex-service organisation you have the most confidence in, they will advise you.

The Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia is willing to help any veteran or veteran's dependant in dealing with the Department of Veteran Affairs or any of the organisations under the Veterans Portfolio.

To help veterans and their dependants understand the complexities of making a claim or seeking a benefit or just about anything else the department administers it has produced what are called Fact Sheets. These are available from the Department through their web site or at their city, regional or VAN offices across the State.

You can also access DVA at

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