Qualifying Service

You may have qualifying service if, as a member of the Australian Defence Force, you served during World War 1 or World War 11 or in conflicts at nominated times in Korea, Malaya, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Borneo. You could have qualifying service if you served in certain peacekeeping forces such as Namibia, Cambodia, Yugoslavia, Somalia, the Gulf War region or Timor. In some circumstances service with a Commonwealth or allied defence force, or in the merchant navy of some countries, may give you qualifying service.

A further requirement for qualifying service is that you must have incurred danger from hostile forces of the enemy during your service. This is automatically accepted in certain circumstances.

In determining if you have rendered qualifying service a number of considerations are looked at such as, are you a veteran, what your qualifying service is. What incurred danger means. What allotment means.

There are different criteria for qualifying service when applying for a disability pension and an aged or invalid service pension. Qualifying service is relevant to an age or invalid service pension, but not to a disability pension.

If you or your dependants believe you have qualifying service for a pension or benefit from the Department of Veteran Affairs contact your local DVA office or ex-service organisation.

Or visit the Department of Veteran Affairs 'Fact Sheets' web site www.dva.gov.au/about-dva/dva-factsheets, view by keyword, and click on 'Q'''


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