Crest of HMAS Perth
USN Meritorious Unit Commendation

The United States Navy
Meritorious Unit Commendation

USN Meritorious Unit Commendation
[Ship's crest courtesy of Directorate of Public Information - Navy]

The US Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation confers on the recipient unit the right to fly a distinctive pennant, a green pennant with yellow, blue and scarlet horizontal stripes top and bottom.  In addition, members of the ship's company serving in the ship during the period for which the citation is awarded, wear a separate ribbon.

Established by order of the Secretary of the Navy, 17 July 1967, it is awarded by the Secretary to any unit of the Navy or Marine Corps which has distinguished itself under combat or noncombat conditions, by either valorous or meritorious achievement compared to other units performing similar service, but not sufficient to justify the award of the Navy Unit Commendation.

The Commendation is a highly valued honour and, during the period of the Vietnam war, had no equivalent in the Australian system of awards.  The award ranks immediately below that of the US Navy Unit Commendation which has previously been conferred on HMAS Perth.  The award may also be conferred upon units of armed forces of nations serving with the armed forces of the United States, providing that these units meet the standards established for US Navy and US Marine Corps units.

Citation for HMAS PERTH

The Secretary of the Navy takes pleasure in presenting the Meritorious Unit Commendation to HMAS PERTH (D38) for service as set forth in the following:

For meritorious service from 24 September, 1968 to March 1969 while participating in combat operations against enemy aggressor forces in South East Asia. As a member of the United States SEVENTH Fleet assigned to SEA DRAGON operations, HMAS PERTH contributed significantly to SEVENTH Fleet combat operations by conducting numerous successful fire missions against heavily defended enemy logistic installations and lines of communications. When PERTH was engaged by enemy shore batteries on two occasions, the combination of her crew members' spirited teamwork and capable leadership produced quick and precise evasive action to spare the ship any material or personnel casualties.  PERTH's high accurate fire inflicted heavy losses on enemy assets and was instrumental in assuring the success of allied operations wherever she was stationed. The outstanding performance, superlative accomplishments, and inspiring devotion to duty displayed by the officers and men of HMAS PERTH throughout her deployment, reflect credit upon themselves and the Royal Australian Navy.


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