VVAA Welcomes Review of Vietnam End of War List

Media Release – 30 March 1999

The Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Mr Bruce Scott announced in Parliament on Tuesday 30th March 1999 that there would be a review of the Vietnam End of War List.

The Review Panel is to consist of Mr Noel Tanzer AC, a former Secretary of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the National President of the R & SL, Major General Peter Phillips AO MC, and Mr Clive Mitchell-Taylor JP, National President of the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia.

The VVAA congratulates the Minister on making the decision to review the contentious issue of the award of the Commendation for Gallantry for those individuals originally recommended to receive the Military Medal. The six nominees refused the Commendation, on the basis that it was a far lesser award than was merited, and the ex-service community – especially the VVAA and the R & SL - have continued to pursue the matter on their behalf.

Mr Mitchell-Taylor said that he welcomed the opportunity to take part in the review, and that the members of the panel would be required to put aside their personal opinions in order to consider the facts and make recommendations to the Government that would result in a fair and equitable outcome.

The experience of the members of the panel, and their knowledge of the military environment should enable them to make an accurate assessment of the relative merits of the issues put before them.” Mr Mitchell-Taylor said. Major General Phillips and I have been critical of the Government’s response to the End of War List, and now the onus is on us to consider the facts and make recommendations that truly reflect the merits of the citations for gallantry in battle.”


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