Vietnam Medal

Vietnam Medal


Qualifying service for the Vietnam Medal for the relevant period 29 May 1964 to 27 January 1973 includes:

  • 28 days in ships or craft on inland waters or off the coast of Vietnam;
  • one day or more on the posted strength of a unit or formation on land;
  • one operational sortie over Vietnam or Vietnamese waters by air crew on the posted strength of a unit; or
  • official visits either continuous or aggregate of 30 days.


The obverse shows the crowned head of Queen Elizabeth II, with titles, while the reverse has a the inscription VIETNAM above a symbolic representation of the ideological war in Vietnam.  A male figure stands between two spherical shapes.

The ribbon has a vertical central section of bright yellow which has centrally superimposed on it three thin stripes of red, (representing the South Vietnamese flag) flanked by two stripes of red (representing the Army.  On the left is a dark blue stripe representing the Navy and on the right, a light blue stripe representing the Air Force. Nearly 50,000 of these medals were issued to Australian and New Zealand personnel.


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Additional research by Barry Saxby

Image adapted from that provided by Director of Honours and Awards, Department of Defence, April 1999


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