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217996 Ross Geoffrey Fish
Det 30 Terminal Sqn (B)
18 Nov 70 to 24 Feb 72
Geoff QUINN, contact on gmq*warigal.uqg.uq.edu.au  
Captain Dowell Robert (Bob)Garcia
Bill Wellman
I'm writing this for a fellow Vietnam vet. My friend, Robert (Bob) Garcia, was with the U.S. Army, 101st Airborne, 1st Brigade, 326th Engineer Battalion. From July to September, 1967, Bob was in the bush with a Captain Dowell of the Dept. of the Army, Commonwealth of Australia. At that time, Capt. Dowell had been with the Army approximately 15-18 years. Bob says Capt. Dowell was a life-long soldier who had served in the Malaysian War. He can remember the Capt.speaking of his home just outside Sydney. He also remembers the Capt. being "fluent" in Chinese, and getting promoted in rank shortly after their recons together. Bob has a vague memory that the Capt. might have lived briefly in California, with his wife (possibly a Californian). I realize this is not a lot of information to enable a search, especially since we have no first name for Captain Dowell. Would you have information which could assist us? Thank you for your time and consideration. Respectfully,
Captain Goode - 159 Transportation Bn at Cat Lai, 1970-71 Gary L. Kindred
Box 457
506 S. Mary St.
Atlanta, Illinois 61723-0457 
I served with an Australian Captain by the name of Goode at the 159th Transportation Bn. at Cat Lai, Vietnam.  This was in 1970-71.  I don't recall his first name because we did not address Officers by their first name.  I would very much like to find out how he has faired through life and if he is doing well.  We liked this Officer very much and would love to hear from him.  I only know he served with us for 6 months and then another unit for 6 months.  We were a transportation unit that did nothing but offload ammunition ships on the Dong Nai river East of Saigon.  Any help locating Cpt. Goode would be greatly appreciated.   Thank You!
I am a US Vietnam Vet, 1969-79, 1st Air Cav Div. Would like to talk to some Vets from Australia. Mostly to see how things are for you. I still have dreams and sleepless nights. There are also a few friend in my boat.  Vietnam was a long time ago in years and near in memory. Hope to get an answer back................Buz Buz1c@aol.com  
Looking for my father 37043 Robert [Bob] Kirby.   I believe he was with 1 RAR around 65-66. His son Andy
27/4/2006 Andy, contact your father on bobkirby@netcon.net.au
He left me, his son when he came back from Vietnam, I need to find him.  Thanks for any help.  Andy.
Any members of 135th Assault Helicopter company esp 1968-69 Roger Cunningham Hello...I served in the U.S. Army in Vietnam in 1968-1970. I was assigned to the 135th Assault Helicopter company. We were half American and half Australian. Do you have any info about any Australians who served in the same company? I'd love to find out what became of my friend and fellow cook...Pete Nolan. Any information would be greatly appreciated Thanks much!
Individual experiences Jeff Sullivan sully*smartchat.net.au> I am an university student researching vietnam veteran' experiences whilst on duty overseas and their experiences upon return. I would be extremely grateful to anyone who would be interested to share their experiences with me through email. I hope to use this information not only in this up and coming assignment but in my future years as a teacher.  Thank you. (Explicit language is not a problem)
Zippo lighter engraved '''buck 67-71" Dobbbw*bigpond.com Lost at QE11 or in cab in November 1997.
Anyone who was on 33B during the 8 RAR contact when 82A Barry Whiston & Hughie Carlyle were hit with the RPG. Terry Cullenrhyl75*tac.com.au I suffer from war neurosis and would love to talk to someone about that contact.
Terry Barr Lenny Bajorek

C/- Bill Overman
5089 West Slope Lane Oconto, Wisconsin 54153 USA

My neighbor, Lenny Bajorek, serviced with a fellow from Australia in Vietnam. His name is Terry Barr. They served there in 1967 and exchanged service hats as a sign of friendship. Lenny wants to see if he can find Terry Barr. Any way you can help. Lenny doesn't do computers, so I'm trying to help. Any you can give me would be appreciated.
Brian Lawrence AATTV Ross Brown Ross*grossbrown.com  
Anyone with information on damage to Australian C7a by enemy shelling at the cement plant between Nov 69 and Jul 70 M/Sgt USAF (Ret) Carl H. Drew cdrew*mail.apcnet.com  
Any member 23 Pl B Coy 3 RAR
Mike (Diko) Dickson mdicko*ozemail.com.au  
Peter Morton and Dave Jenkins, ex 3 RAR Int Sect
SVN 1971
Neil Annison annos*bigpond.com  
Gregory Noel Holmes

Please contact Jo Cox (08) 9255 5290
Look at http://members.optusnet.com.au/~holmes2753/wheresgreg.html
Height 162 cms, brown/grey receding hair, slim to med build.  Wears glasses, fair complexion.  Missing from Perth since 13 Apr 1998.   Was working in newsagency which was held up, and which may have triggered a traumatic episode.
Douglas Lea Bardon Michael Binney would like to get in contact with you.  Michael lives at 474 Stony Point Road, Bittern, VIC 3918, ph (03) 5983 9638. Born 16 Jan 47, conscripted in '67 and was living at 2 Spring Street, Fitzroy, VIC.  Demobbed and drove trucks for a while, but later went into the ARA.
Chris Monday Ken O'Keefe, medic,
HMAS PERTH 2nd deployment
Looking for fellow medic
'Schnozz' Haynes, Sig Op
2 Pl, A Coy 7 RAR - 1st tour 1967
Alan E. Collins, 2 Pl Medic,
phone 02 6686 2315.
Alan remembers his snoring being louder than rifle fire.  Alan is alive, (relatively) well and living in the Ballina are
17868 Des Cochrane
Ex-CSM 9 RAR and AATTV, Malaya 64-66
Jim Witts wants to catch up with an old buddy.  He can be contacted in the Woodburn/Ballina area on 02 6682 2712.  
'Kanga' Griffith
3 RAR, 4 RAR HQ, 1965-66
Jim Witts only knows you by your nickname.  Contact details as above.  
1200839 Denis 'Bottles' Bathersby
Machinegunner, 2Pl A Coy 7 RAR, 1st tour
Please contact Jack 'Black Jack' Doulis at Narrandera NSW, phone 02 6959 3381.  
Terry Porter
Transport, Vung Tau 1970-71
Please contact Rick Schrandt, Warrant Officer Cobra Pilot.  He would very much like to get in contact with Terry, or receive news of him.  e-mail cobra*afweb.com  
Anthony Wayne Stewart, 61802
Please contact Cheryl and Robert Watts and Rosalyn Deeks on (03) 9735 5640  
11533      Jim Asher
342886   Graeme Beggs
3787208 Don Betts
34074     Merv Bryant
3787113 Chris Dawson
3787469 Graham Fraser
2782128 Geoff Hill
3787153 Dave Martin
54902    Geoff Morris
3786939 Alan Pryde
3787482 John Warren
38112    Harry Wilson
17 Construction Sqn are looking for these 'missing links'.  Please contact Graham Black on (07) 55302564 in relation to a reunion of 1966 members.
Of the original 231 members, 23 are confirmed deceased, 4 are living overseas and those listed are have not yet been located (all are RAE, except Graeme Beggs).
3788144 Peter R Davis 7 RAR
216966   James A Fitzsimon 7 RAR
2784350 Clive C. Swaysland 7 RAR
Please contact 3787655 R.H. (Bob) Harrison, ex 7 RAR at 626 Bell Street Ballarat VIC 3350. Information is required in relation to a pension claim.
Any 4 RAR member who served with Peter Downs in 68/69 who saw him fall out of a helicopter. Peter was with RA Sigs and attached to 4RAR at the time. Information is required by National Secretary to  assist Peter with a pension appeal.
Contact Geoff Trevor-Hunt
Des Williams 547 Sig Tp Ralph Reinhart
48480 Walden
Macomb, Mi 48044
Hello and Merry Christmas to my mates from down under
I served in Long Binh with the 199th LIB. Our operational area touched the Australian area and my group spent a lot of time together on the same radio net. We visited the 547th Signal Troop at Nui Dat in 70 and brought a truckload of American beer. The 547th patriotically despised the beer but somehow it disappeared. I don't remember how that happened. I was invited to go on a recon flight with the 547th and have never forgotten the mission.
I will never forget the privilege I had of serving in RVN with the friends that I made from Australia. I am proud to have been connected with such fine troopers if only tangentially. I am thankful for the connection that we had with the 547th. Thank you 547th for the plane ride of my life!!
If Des Williams is out there, drop me a line.
Jimmy Alcorn 5 Sec 2Pl

A Coy ! RAR 65/66

Kevin Ruff kevmar@nor.com.au  


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