Cherry blossoms

Cherry Tree Walk
Vietnam War Memorial

Settlers Park,
Mittagong Road,
Bowral NSW

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The information on this page provided by Tony Blake (ex-7 RAR), Publicity Officer for the Vietnam War Memorial Cherry Tree Walk.

Contact Tony at or write to Bowral Vietnam Memorial Park Trust, PO Box 1598, Bowral, NSW 2576 to make a donation or sponsor a tree.

Cherry blossom


The Wingecarribee Shire Council has approved the establishment of a Vietnam War Memorial and associated cherry Tree Walk in the Mittagong Rivulet Reserve at Bowral NSW.

>There are very few monuments to the men and women who served this country during the Vietnam War and the concept of an environmental memorial known as the 'cherry Tree Walk, is considered a fitting tribute to the gallant few who served this country during that conflict.

The Cherry Tree Walk

An avenue of cherry trees will be planted, one to commemorate each Australian who died in the service of their country during that tragic conflict.

The trees will be planted on either side of a cycle/walking track with rest areas specifically designed to accommodate family picnics. A large section of parkland has been set aside for ceremonial purposes.

Incorporated into the design of the Memorial will be a Monument, inscribed with the names of the Australians who gave their lives in the service of their country.

They served their country with honour'

Map of Bowral


Bowral is approximately 130 kms from Sydney, the capital city of NSW. It is a peaceful rural area that has many attractions to offer the visiting tourist. Known world wide for its famous Tulip Time Festival and beautiful gardens, it is a worthy town to hold such a significant memorial designed especially to bring comfort to the veterans of the war and their families.

The Vietnam Memorial is initiated by the Bowral Parks and Gardens Advisory Committee and supported by the Rotary and Lions Clubs of the Wingecarribee Shire.

Cherry blossoms

The walk commences at the Settlers Park entrance to the Mittagong Rivulet Reserve at the foot of Mt Gibraltar in Bowral.

Part of the original land grant to the Oxley family, the area has considerable historical significance to the early European settlement of Australia.

John Cummings plants a cherry tree
[Above] John Cummings (Royal Australian Regiment, Coral) plants a white cherry tree as a part of the cherry Tree Walk in Bowral, commemorating those who died in Vietnam. (Bowral News 26 May 1996)

The Tree

The beautiful 'great white' cherry, Prunus'Tai Haku' is a vigorous, healthy specimen with large white blossoms in spring and brilliantly coloured leaves in autumn. It is considered to be one of the best flowering cherries and ideally suited to this district

The trees for the Memorial will be contract grown in nurseries and planted in the Walk when they reach a size of 3 metres.

The trees will be well tended and maintained to ensure healthy growth is established.

It is important to point out that this is a long term project. Trees of the same type, size and general appearance needed to establish an avenue, must be specifically grown. By contacting nurserymen around Australia, a small number of suitable trees may be found. However, most will have to be the result of 'contract planting'. This requires that we have sufficient funds to order a reasonable number of trees for future planting.

Based on information supplied by contract growers of trees and including a maintenance allowance, the cost of each tree will be $250.00.

[Below]  The Service Guard of Honour at the dedication of the Memorial.

All donations for trees or part thereof, will be used to create this environmental memorial and the names of those who have supported the Memorial will be displayed along the walk

Australia's commitment to the Vietnam War was very controversial and divided the community at the time. It is hoped that the nature of this design, an avenue of trees, set in parkland will be appropriate to the healing process of any lingering hostile and disturbing memories.

The Tri-Service Guard of Honour at the dedication of the Memorial


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