City of Charles Sturt, South Australia

The Sturt Memorial

Councillors of the City of Charles Sturt (Mayor John Dyer), the National Council of the Vietnam Veterans' Association of Australia (National President Clive Mitchell-Taylor), and members of the VVAA SA.

The Korea and South East Asia War Memorial is located at the Port Road Median, Hindmarsh, South Australia.
It was dedicated at 11am on the 18th of August 1996 by
LT GEN Sir Donald Dunstan
AC, KBE, CB (Ret).


There are three elements to the design - a red brick plinth that floats above the surrounding lawns, two intersecting metal arches that incorporate images of the four wars - Korea, Malaysia, Borneo and Vietnam - and a central granite memorial stone that is the focus of the memorial.  This memorial stone is in two parts, a base of red Calca granite and the main memorial stone on Blackhill granite with its associated bronze plaques.

Central to the design are the four arches that each tell a story based on historical facts, hopefully sparking the memories of veterans, and providing an opportunity for young people to reflect on these confrontations, remembering those who served their country and the many loved ones who lost their lives for our freedom.

The images, designed by local artist Karen Harris, are designed to be viewed in three dimensions.  The elements are as follows:

  • Canberra bomber: bomber pilot Michael Herbert (23) from North Glenelg and navigator Robert Carver.  After a bombing mission to Da Nang, the Canberra bomber disappeared from the radar screen, and both crew members were posted as missing, presumed killed.
  • Iroquois helicopters - two gun ships and one medical helicopter
  • Army nurse
  • Paddy fields and hills
  • Infantry soldiers
  • At the base of the arch, a large figure of a soldier with M-16 rifle at the entrance to a tunnel complex
  • Australian soldiers scattering through jungle and bamboo
  • Two Iroquois helicopters
  • Avon Sabre aircraft
  • HMAS Teal, minesweeper
  • Long house, hills and aboriginal people of Borneo
  • Bamboo bridge with soldier
  • At the base of the arch, a large figure of an Australian soldier with a Labrador tracker dog that has picked up a scent during a border patrol.
  • HMAS Bataan
  • HMAS Sydney, aircraft carrier
  • Meteor aircraft
  • Australian troops in snow camouflage equipment
  • Korea's rugged mountains and trees
  • Australian troops with dog (kaka)
  • At the base of the arch, a pilot (RAAF and Navy), RAAF Nurse, sailor and soldier
  • Lincoln bomber - made in Australia
  • Dakota aircraft - RAAF transport squadron
  • Airfield construction at Butterworth air base
  • Soldier leaping from Bell Iroquois helicopter into jungle clearing
  • HMAS Derwent, frigate
  • At the base of the arch, large figure of a soldier with parachute and supply bag dropped by Dakotas with medical supplies and food

This memorial represents a substantial committment by the then City of Hindmarsh and Woodville, in cooperation with the veteran community, local schools, firms and tradespeople to produce a memorial that is both striking and community oriented.


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