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M107 self-propelled gun

M107 Self-Propelled Gun (US) at Nui Dat
Accepted for service:  1963
Weight: 31 Tons
Dimensions: 37’ 1" long, 10’ 4" wide, 11’ 6" high
Armament:  175 mm gun
Speed: 34 mph
Road Range: 450 miles
Armor:   None

The M107 175 mm SPG is built on the same chassis as the M110 8" SPG. It was built as a replacement for the 155 mm M44 that utilized the M4 Sherman chassis. Used in Vietnam, the M107 was capable of firing a 175 pound projectile 20 miles at a low fast trajectory. The M107 was an inaccurate artillery piece but was utilized for preparatory bombardments.

Thanks to MAJ Chuck Storey, AN, USARNG (Ret) for the details on this weapon


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