The Department of Veterans' Affairs

The Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) charter provides for the Department to:

Compensate for the effects of war or relevant defence service through:

  • Disability, orphan and war widow/ers pensions, and associated allowances.
  • Pension and income support supplement.
  • Pharmaceutical, children’s education and other schemes.
  • Subsidised home loans and insurance.

Promote independence, a greater sense of well being and improved quality of life by providing or arranging access to:

  • Counselling and rehabilitation.
  • Information on accommodation options.
  • Community support services.
  • Information to help you make informed choices.
  • Preventive health care programs

Commemorate and honour the achievements and sacrifices of those Australians who served in:

  • War
  • Relevant defence service
  • Peacekeeping services.

These services will be provided in accordance with the legislation and schemes administered by the Department and the Minister. We will ensure that our service represents value for money.

The Department of Veterans' Affairs Promise To You

To demonstrate their commitment to service, the Department will:

  • provide or arrange appropriate timely services
  • treat you with courtesy, respect and sensitivity
  • listen to what you have to say
  • treat you with fairness and equity
  • give you full and accurate information in plain English, about the services available to you through the Department and in the community
  • maintain a high standard in all aspects of the services we provide or arrange on your behalf
  • explain our decisions clearly and tell you about your right to a review or to an appeal
  • consult with ex-service organisations and the veteran community when reviewing the rules and regulations for veterans entitlements
  • facilitate research into the health of veterans
  • assist and develop our people to better understand the conditions under which you served and to respond to your needs
  • work cooperatively with ex-service organisations
  • continue to educate the wider community about veteran issues

Understanding the above charter of the Department of Veteran Affairs you should be aware that the Department of Veteran Affairs, provides administrative support to the Repatriation Commission. The Repatriation Commission is responsible to the Minister of Veteran Affairs for all veteran entitlements and services.


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