Centrelink, through its customer service locations throughout Australia provide under one roof, a range of customer services for:

  • Department of Family and Community Services;
  • Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs;
  • Department of Health and Aged Care;
  • Department of Employment, Workplace Relations and Small Business;
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs;
  • Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry;
  • Department of Transport and Regional Services;
  • Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts;
  • Tasmanian State Government; and
  • State and Territory Housing Authorities.

The services include:

  • all services formerly provided by the Department of Social Security (DSS) as well as child care and student assistance payments and services.
  • Registration and acceptance of all new applications for income support and employment assistance.

For retired people or those planning retirement:

  • Age Pension;
  • Financial Information Service;
  • Pension Concession Card;
  • Commonwealth Seniors' Health Card; and
  • Pensioner Bonus Scheme.

For people in special circumstances:

  • Disability Support Pensions;
  • Carer Payments;
  • Sickness Allowance;
  • Carer Allowance;
  • Postal Concessions for the Blind;
  • Special Benefits;
  • Bereavement Allowance;
  • Bereavement Payments;
  • Widow Allowance;
  • Widow Pension Class B;
  • Partner Allowance;
  • Pensioner Concession Card;
  • Farm Household Support;
  • Disaster Relief Payment;
  • Health Care Cards;
  • Wife Pension; and
  • Remote Area Allowance.

In some case the special circumstances that you may find yourself in will be handled by the DVA so in the first instance check with your nearest DVA office.

For job seekers, students and young people:

  • Youth Allowance;
  • Austudy;
  • Abstudy;
  • Assistance for Isolated Children Scheme;
  • Pensioner Education Supplement (PES);
  • Loan Supplement (for the above payments);
  • Newstart Allowance;
  • Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP);
    Participation Supplement (CPS) and Supplementary Benefits (Add-Ons);
  • Mature Age Allowance; and
  • Mature Partner Allowance.

For families:

  • Family Allowance;
  • Family Tax Payment;
  • Double Orphan Pension;
  • Maternity Allowance;
  • Parenting Payment;
  • Jobs, Education and Training Program; and
  • Maternity Immunisation Allowance.

In some cases Centrelink rather than DVA administers an entitlement for which you may be eligible.  If you are not eligible for DVA payments, you should make enquiries with Centrelink as you may have other entitlements.

To find out more about the services provided by Centrelink, visit your nearest centre or their web site at www.centrelink.gov.au.  You may also contact your nearest DVA office or visit their web site at www.dva.gov.au and look up fact sheet IS 05

The Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia can assist any veteran of any conflict, their widow/er's and children by providing advice and assistance in regard to all pensions matters.  Simply contact your nearest sub-branch.


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